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In addition to regular knob locks, consider adding deadbolts for extra security against having a door kicked down. 4. Don't tempt burglarsGot a big plasma tv?A fancy car?Jewelry?That's fine, but don't tempt people into crimes of opportunity by allowing these items to be easily seen by anyone passing by your home. If you have valuable cars in your garage, consider curtains for the windows so people can't see in. Likewise, don't place expensive and portable items right in front of bedroom or living room windows. 5. Keep your yard well litBurglars prefer to work in dark and shadows, since they're less likely to be seen that way, so make sure your yard doesn't provide thieves a place to hide. Install outdoor lights with motion or heat detecting sensors, so they will turn on at night when someone approaches the house. The backyard, front yard, and side yards should all have security lighting. For energy efficiency, get lights with motion/heat sensors rather than units that simply stay on all night. 6.

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Learn more about professional installation services here. The home security market offers many plug and play equipment packages that center around an audible alarm to scare of intruders who trigger a door/window sensor. They do not offer professional monitoring, so there’s no monthly service contract involved. Monitored home security systems cost between $20 and $60 per month. Although criminology research suggests most intruders flee at the first sound of an alarm, complete home security offers much more than just crime prevention. Protection from natural disasters, home appliance malfunctions, and medical emergencies should also be considered.