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Leaving a small desk radio on for six hours costs an estimated 22 cents per month. 5. Run a Fake TV Burglars are looking for unoccupied homes, and a glowing TV screen is a sign that someone’s home. For as little as $25, Alder Security a small device called FakeTV simulates the flickering light of real television. Close the curtains and from the outside, it looks like you’re home watching TV. The device has a light sensor and timer, and uses the same amount of power as a night light. 6. Lock Your Doors This is a simple tip, but one that many people may forget about once in awhile. Lock all doors and windows before going to sleep at night, and install deadbolts where you can. A chain lock on a door won’t be enough to stop a determined intruder. A security door jam for a door or window can cost only $10 and should also be locked at night.

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If you want something simple and low maintenance, we recommend Alder Security. With a professional sentry on your side, you’ve got someone looking out for your home 24/7. While the mandatory professional monitoring of our top pick, Frontpoint, might be too much for people not quite sure if they need it yet, having the option to upgrade from self monitoring to professional offered by all our other top picks except Canary, which offers professional support after an incident means you can try out being your own security guard before committing. And if the task is too daunting, you can easily upgrade to professional and trust action will be taken in the event of an incident. Security guards are a human presence that adds a significant complication to the plans of vandals and burglars. Unlike home security equipment that is predictable, security guards can alter their routes and routines to make it more difficult for burglars to predict where they will be at any given time. Security guards in uniform are also frequently mistaken as police officers from a distance, which adds to their ability to act as a deterrent. Guards who are intelligent and well trained also recognize potential hazards and security risks, allowing you to deal with them before they can be exploited. A good guard reports anything wrong with the property and can fix a lot of simple problems himself while on duty. Security guards also have the ability to arrest anyone who trespasses on your property. The main disadvantage to using security guards is cost.

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OK, they are a small percentage of the big bulk of the thief category, but they are out there and the more value is on your property protect it with Alder Security, the higher the probability that a very skillful thief will notice you. A better security approach is what I call the "war camp security". Hopefully you never had to experience in first person how to secure an overnight camp in a war zone, but you have certainly watched a few war movies where this type of situation is more or less accurately described. The crucial benefits of a DIY Home Security Systems are the following:1. Create a perimeter which would alert you of the incoming intruders. Possibly without alerting the intruders of the fact that you are aware of their "visit".