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Our current top pick is the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. Are you tired of paying too much money on a security system that doesn’t effectively cover your entire home?If the answer is yes, then it’s time for a change!There are 3 main reasons why people all over the metro area choose Ackerman Security. First, is Affordability – we offer home security services starting at just $19. 95 a month including burglary, fire, and medical alert monitoring. Second is custom care that we provide. No cookie cutter services here, we design a security system for your home based on your needs – the system we design will fit your family like a glove. Finally, we are dependable our central monitoring station is one of the few in the country that is U. L and CSAA 5 Diamond certified. Meaning you’re guaranteed a fast response time—24/7!In addition to what was mentioned above, we also offer the following incentives:The system uses a ZigBee based protocol to communicate and operate over the 2. 4 GHz radio frequency band. All a thief has to do is use radio jamming equipment to block the signals that pass from a door, window, or motion sensor to the home's baseband hub, according to Tod Beardsley, security research manager for Rapid7.

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00 at Pros: Speedy event response. Excellent video doorbell. Offers remote control of door locks, cameras, thermostats, and sensors. Responsive touch screen. No lengthy contract required. Cons: Requires a monthly subscription for remote access.

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And while it costs money, it’s relatively not too much. You also choose the number of cameras you want each camera is roughly the same size and weight as the hub, but does not need to be plugged into the wall. And therein lies the beauty. Each camera runs on two AA batteries that last a year. And it comes with a snap on hinge that can be screw mounted to a wall or taped adhesive patch is included to a picture frame, window, cabinet, kitchen wall tile, fridge door, wherever. The hinge can be rotated in several directions, allowing you to get the perfect camera angle. And it’s all completely inconspicuous. The app works very similar to the Presence app, allowing you to easily select and label a camera, watch live high definition feeds, take photos, listen in, and even record clips that it currently stores on the cloud but in the future will be stored right on the camera. In fact, there’s a micro USB port on the camera, but officials say that’s not yet active. It also has a motion sensor that kicks in, activating the record function. Plus, whenever that motion sensor is activated, the app sends you a phone alert and video, to show you immediately that there’s activity in your home.